Web Infrastructure is an eons project, which means its intended purpose goes far beyond what you see here. After all, we're trying to change the world!

The surface level intent of this project encapsulates the following:

  • Make websites
  • Make web-based APIs
  • Make information accessible
  • Make money

All of the above serve to support other projects as well as give back to the community. For example, let's say you have a project that will improve the state of your world and want to pay Web Infrastructure to manage your website. The money you pay is then shunted into the development of tools, like moodrecorder.org or professional.app, which could help you in other areas of your life and may even increase the size of your impact (and make you more money, depending on how capitalist you'd like to be).

Web Infrastructure is built on open source software and makes all its designs available to the public. This means no proprietary information, no trade secrets, and no exploitation. This follows directly from our community-minded philosophy.

By using a standardized framework across all of our websites, any improvements to one site can be replicated for all. For example, if one company does an accessibility or security audit, the changes recommended by that audit can and will be applied to every site managed by Web Infrastructure.

We're on a mission to do the most good we possibly can for the world. Come and join us!

- Séon O'Shannon, Founder & CEO of eons LLC